I’m New Here


Whether you’ve visited our service before, our you’re just interested in what Harbour Light Baptist Church is all about, this page is for you! Since 2000, HLBC has been a beacon in this community, sharing Christ’s love and message of hope to all who will listen. We’re confident that you will find a place just for you at Harbour Light Baptist Church!

Malls are trendy. Churches should feel timeless. With the forceful current of consistent change sweeping over every part of our lives, people have the need to connect with something enduring and firm. We believe Christ designed the church to fulfill that need by representing an eternal kingdom and ageless truth with no need to imitate the culture. We want you to know there’s still a church that feels like a church. It won’t feel like a rock concert, comedy club or motivational seminar. It’s not old-fashioned, as in fifty years ago. It is timeless, as in two thousand years ago.

Common Questions

Where do I find Harbour Light Baptist Church?

Our church is located at 308 Center Street in West Haven.


What do I do when I get there?

The Sunday School (Bible classes for every age group) begins at 9:45 a.m. The morning service begins at 11:00 a.m. and nurseries are also available for the young ones. Sunday evening service at 5:00 p.m. is a highlight for many.  Always encouraging and challenging, it is a weekly appointment you do not want to miss! There are also nurseries for the evening service.

The Wednesday evening meeting starts at 7:00 p.m. and is also held in the auditorium. This refreshing time of prayer and Bible study is also coupled with nursery service.

What’s the dress code?

The truth of the matter is, there is no strict dress code for our public services! We want you to be comfortable and ready to concentrate on the message of God’s Word. Many in attendance will be wearing their “Sunday best”-the men in dress shirts and dress slacks, typically with a tie, and the women in appropriate dresses.

Must I give in the offering?

No. We don’t expect our guests to give an offering. Our hearts desire is to serve you and be a blessing to you as our gift for coming.

What are the services like?

Although there are many things that are wrong in this world, we believe that our God is alive and well. He is a living Saviour, and we worship Him with an attitude of victory and thankfulness! The service will begin with the congregation singing several of the great praise and worship hymns found in our song book. It’s not uncommon for folks to lift a hand in worship or lift an extra word of praise to God during the song service. Our Lord is worthy!

Special music is prepared by a variety of church members to enhance the services. These are also exciting songs that will encourage you and bring honor to Christ.

Prayer is a major part of the services at Harbour Light. We believe that God does everything in answer to prayer. We’ll open the meeting in prayer, and many times will offer prayer for special requests of our church family during the service. If you have a specific prayer request, we’d love to share your burden.

God’s Word is the answer to every problem we face. We believe that the Bible preaching is the most important part of every service. God’s Word has the power to comfort, correct, instruct and fix any situation. Our preacher, Pastor Dale Schwarz, has committed his life to practicing and promoting godly living. We believe in preaching the truth in love.

At the end of the preaching, Pastor Schwarz will ask everyone to stand and will give an invitation. This is a time for many to respond and make a life-changing decision by walking down the aisle and praying at the front. A decision may be to trust Jesus Christ as personal Saviour or to become a better Christian. Whatever your decision may be, the invitation is open to you to join others who are making decisions for Christ.